March 22, 2005

Tattoo Images

Part of the 'Transformations' series, I photographed a woman tattoo artist as she worked on clients in a private home. Note: she didn't really tattoo the little boy... just letting off a little steam with stick-ons between sessions.

My tattoo photographs have been both for artists to document their work and for individuals who want to capture the experience of getting their tattoos, or document their tattoos while they are as beautiful on their body as they'll ever be. It is an honor to work with tattoo artists as they create works that will continue to change and evolve over time - in some ways, the very definition of performance art.

There are a few sample tattoo images below. View the maginei Web site Portrait Gallery to get a feel for the idea of having your tattoo experience documented and the moment captured forever. Or contact maginei to schedule a photo shoot: either at the tattoo artist's establishment or at the maginei studio.

Hard at Work


Tattoo Boy


Anonymous said...

thats sick on a kid amounts to child abuse

Kimberley Bermender said...

Sorry, I guess I should have called that 'Pretend Tattoo Boy'. These are not real tattoos, just the sticker kind that kids get and transfer on to their skin then just wipe off.

Anonymous said...


u shouldn't even apologize u can absolutely see dat they're not real tattoos on this child!!!

Anonymous said...

well thats good that its not real tattoos on that little boy cause i was starting to freak for a minute.