May 01, 2010

Ride A Wave Video

Here's my first video attempt documenting Ride A Wave camps. Today was a particularly exciting day for me as I photographed from the water for the first time ever (and took a few video excerpts as well).

April 28, 2010

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April 19, 2010

Symantec Conference

Last week I enjoyed the chance to photograph for Symantec Corporation, where they held their Vision Conference at the MGM Grand from April 12-15. I photographed a number of events, did headshots for their magazine, and had the opportunity to meet their community. I even got some down time to see Cirque de Soleil's Ka show!

Some photos to come shortly. Right now, I'm just downloading, backing up and editing.

March 02, 2010

Business Portrait: Color or Black and White?

When talking to businesspeople about their executive portrait, I often get asked whether they should order their image in color or black and white. It's a good question, as color offers a very different perspective and interaction with the image than black and white. My answer is always BOTH (and I include both in the final package). Here's why:

Look at the examples below. What is your first reaction to the color image? Do you react differently to the black and white image? Not only do people's reaction differ to the images, and you may want one type of reaction vs. another, but media also change. An image on newsprint may blur in color, whereas display more clearly in black and white. So always get both and use according to your need.

CEO, Color Image

CEO, Black and White

Copyright 2010 Kimberley Bermender
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January 18, 2010

Catalog images

Here's a composited shot of a catalog shoot that I recently completed for a green business in Santa Cruz. I love that we're getting so many local green companies in the area. I've started greening maginei, as well: all online reminders, invoices, finishing off the last of the bottled waters then will replace with jug, and of course the biggest green-friendly effort a photographer can make: shoot digital!

Organic Bags

Copyright 2010 Kimberley Bermender
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January 11, 2010

Leveling Up

I'm very excited to share that I've been accepted to grad school. I'll be studying photography (of course!). Here's to taking my skills to the next level! To infinity and beyond!

December 29, 2009

2010 Inter|Act Calendars Now Available

Back by popular demand, the maginei Inter|Act calendar features images spanning the prior year's personal work of photographer Kimberley Bermender. Cost: $20.00

Calendar Cover

Calendar Back

Copyright 2009 Kimberley Bermender
maginei photography

December 24, 2009

Happy Holidays from maginei!

As 2009 comes to a close, we wanted to thank you for the opportunity to work with you.
It was an exciting year for maginei as we grew professionally, personally and as a business. We couldn't have accomplished these successes without you:
  • We closed one studio location and opened another
  • Our architectural photography clients won illustrious industry awards
  • We expanded our integrated marketing services division, working with companies large and small to deliver outstanding marketing materials
We have lots planned for 2010, and will be taking time over the next weeks to refine our business vision. Stay tuned for our January update!

For now, we wish all of our clients — past, present and future — a healthy and joyous new year! We look forward to 2010 and the opportunity to work with you.

Best wishes for the holiday season.

August 09, 2009

Almaden Music Festival

Here are some shots from last night's 2nd Annual New Almaden Music Festival, which was a benefit show for multiple sclerosis awareness.

View Slideshow

Copyright 2009 Kimberley Bermender
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July 27, 2009

Executive Portraits with a Twist

Here are some recent portrait session images, including some shots of the 'not so executive portrait.' Some clients look to explore non-traditional images that capture a part of their personality they feel is key to their business success. Can you find the creative physician? An edgy lawyer? Nothing says that you have to go with a traditional headshot for your executive portrait, and these clients prove it!

Copyright 2009 Kimberley Bermender
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Creative vision doesn't come from the tools we use as photographers, but sometimes a new toy can help to force a shift of perspective. I spent some time this weekend at Roaring Camp Railroad, photographing trains with a new lens and just playing with light, perspective, and inspiring myself to start a new creative project. More to come, of course...

Copyright 2009 Kimberley Bermender
maginei photography

June 15, 2009

maginei Participates in Surfrider Santa Cruz's Surf Art, Photography & Film Fest

maginei had several photographs on display during the Surfrider Santa Cruz's Surf Art, Photography & Film Fest exhibition, part of the International Surfing Day celebration.

If you didn't get a chance to check out the local art, check out our contributions to the exhibit:

Copyright 2009 Kimberley Bermender
maginei photography

June 12, 2009

First Portrait Session At New Studio

There's something that comes to mind about old dogs and new tricks as I look at these images from my first session in my new studio. Here I am in new location, and yet I don't move off the black background. It's not that I'm incapable of swapping out my backgrounds (and yes, I do actually have a variety of muslins), but there's something just so very right about black for portraits - even children's. And I'm happy that my clients agree!

Stoked Surfer

Sittin' in Style

Perfect Trim

On another note, I've confirmed that the studio is actually large enough for a photographer, assistant, two kids under age five, a nanny and a mom during a session. Phew, Otherwise, someone was going to have to stand in the parking lot!

Copyright 2009 Kimberley Bermender
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