March 02, 2010

Business Portrait: Color or Black and White?

When talking to businesspeople about their executive portrait, I often get asked whether they should order their image in color or black and white. It's a good question, as color offers a very different perspective and interaction with the image than black and white. My answer is always BOTH (and I include both in the final package). Here's why:

Look at the examples below. What is your first reaction to the color image? Do you react differently to the black and white image? Not only do people's reaction differ to the images, and you may want one type of reaction vs. another, but media also change. An image on newsprint may blur in color, whereas display more clearly in black and white. So always get both and use according to your need.

CEO, Color Image

CEO, Black and White

Copyright 2010 Kimberley Bermender
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