June 19, 2008

Band Promo Shots: When High Noon Works

I love a challenge: six guys, four locations, high noon, just over two hours. This session took a lot of scheduling to get the entire band together, and we had very few choices for timeslots. While many photographers will say they never photograph at noon, I actually find that with my style, which tends toward high contrast and dramatic, I can make that harsh light work in my favor. There were a few instances where I had to change spots to get the light, but for the most part, it worked out just fine. And the band was fantastic to work with - they're excellent models as well as musicians. To hear them live, check out Cuordoroy Jim.

Band on the Tracks
Bent Bike Wheels and Graffitti - Should be a Song Title!

Cuordoroy Jim

My Tombstone Vision Comes to Life


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