December 20, 2007

maginei Client Wins National Architectural Award

Congratulations to ABW Construction, who recently won the prestigious National Association of Remodeling Industry’s 2007 Gold Medal award for an entire House Remodel in the $500K-$1M category!

maginei has enjoyed working on a number of architectural photo assignments for ABW Construction, including photographing the house that won the award, and for designing the image layout for the design submission. We had a number of panoramic VR movies that were taken of the interior, and for the final design submission, we created a single image from the movie.

VR images are becoming more and more popular for commercial photography, as they provide both a sense of a space the flow through the space, allowing viewers to become virtually immersed in the scene, rather than viewing a traditional image.

VR Movie of Award-winning Remodel

Reduced version of the image

Copyright 2007 Kimberley Bermender

Bands, Babies, Chocolates and More

It's been a hectic few months, and I really have not kept up with my blog very well. So, in one giant post, I'll bring you up to date on the highlights of recent maginei activity.

Family Time

I've had the pleasure of photographing a number of families both in the studio and on location. Here are some of my favorite images from these family photo shoots:

Rob and Yolanda Look Forward to Baby

Rob and Yolanda

Mikey, Laurel and Quinn at the Beach

Quinn Discovers the Ocean

Mikey and Quinn Warm Up

Mark, April and Reyna

Reyna Moves Fast - Keep Up Folks!

Mark and Reyna - Quiet Time
Snack Time
Food photography is an entirely different beast from people, and I'm not sure which is more complicated. The technical detail needed to make meat and other food items look realistic and appetizing is quite the challenge!

Godiva Chocolates

Hoffman's Bakery - Beef On Pastry

Hoffman's Bakery - Crab Cakes

Hoffman's Bakery - Fruit Tarte

Hoffman's Bakery - Dessert Selection

Party Time
The following images were taken on location at the Catalyst, Santa Cruz, where the band Five Eyed Hand played on Dec. 8th.

Five Eyed Hand - Catalyst

Drummer/Singer Derek Bodkin, Five Eyed Hand

Chris and Jeb Rockin', Five Eyed Hand