October 01, 2007

Wedding: St. Joseph's Cathedral

A cathedral wedding is gorgeous and this was no exception. The ceremony was held later in the evening, so unfortunately the light wasn't ideal. But between old cars, cool kids and amazing venue, there was lots of eye-candy for the photographer!

Getting Ready

1928 Classic Car to Whisk the Couple Away

Flowers on Running Board

The Bride

Unity Candle Lighting

Bling Review

Copyright 2007 Kimberley Bermender

An Event: Walnut Ave Women's Center Unity Day Celebration

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and the Walnut Ave Women's Center was hosting a Unity Day celebration. Kimberley photographed the event, which included speeches by Mayor Riley and others. maginei was honored to participate in such an event.

Now how are you going to celebrate Unity Day?

Adding Handprints to the Wall

Mayor Riley Reviews the Mayor's Proclamation

Mayor Riley Speaking Out Against Domestic Violence

Copyright 2007 Kimberley Bermender