April 12, 2007

Commercial: Architectural

This home had fantastic circular granite counters in both the kitchen and bar. The great open space, amazing craftsmanship, and flow through the home gave me plenty to work with and I ended up shooting from many different angles. The biggest challenge was the shifting light on a bright day. But a little realism in a photo session isn't a bad thing.



Family Room

Copyright 2007 Kimberley Bermender

Commercial: Gym

I approached this photo session for MichRoFit with the primary goal of capturing movement. It wasn't until the end of the session that I decided to document some of the 'tools of the trade' and then I revisited some thinking from when I first started chewing on this project: the idea of the body as a machine. The final shots were about gears, levers, hydraulics, and many things that one might not associate with a commercial session in a private gym.




Copyright 2007 Kimberley Bermender