December 19, 2006

Wild Horses

One of the great aspects of working as a professional photographer is that each day is so different from the prior; one day working on a family portrait on the beach, the next day a studio lit interior for an executive portrait. And some days, you are not creating the images, they come to you, and that feels like a great gift. Yesterday was such a day.

I was doing a shoot of a ranch in Los Gatos. As I was setting up my gear to capture the amazing views (from San Francisco to the South Bay), two horses approached. The woman I was with said that they were wild, but very friendly. Sure enough, they both came right up to me, nosing in my camera bag, and one even fogged up my lense as he breathed into the camera. And wouldn't you know it, they were both camera-happy!

Then, later in the afternoon after visiting with my friend Jan, I swerved off the side of the road as I came upon this sunset view of the Santa Cruz Harbor lighthouse, where I was married four years ago. After spending several minutes visualizing how I wanted to create the composition, I realized that I was very quickly losing light. I went into 'fast' mode, and was so surprised when I worked on the image later and ended up with the exact image that I had visualized.

Some days are a gift.

Wild Horse

Wild Horse with Bay View in Background

Santa Cruz Harbor Lighthouse

Copyright 2006 Kimberley Bermender