February 23, 2005

Photo Shoots

Finally getting back in my groove after hiatus. Am prepping materials and prints for show here in Santa Cruz through the month of April - working title 'Mutations to Transformations'. Inspired by the old man I met in Hololulu (Jan post) I've decided to work on creating my own frames from urban salvaging. Have been haunted salvage yard and thrift shops, spray painting like mad. Also working on another segment of a transformations project - photo shoot this weekend, working on tattoos and tattooing. The idea of working with skin as a medium for art, and then watching that art change as the body changes, seems to me like the ultimate in transformation art. Am not sure if I'm most interested in the artist or the subject, but will surely get a feel for it. This will be the second tattooing that I've photodocumented. Not sure where I'm going with it, but do feel a pattern emerging.

Shot slide film for photo class on the weekend. It poured rain and I really wanted to shoot outside, so in the small break of sunshine, I ran out to the backyard and did my annual calla lily/beauty in my own back yard shoot. Then took b/w 35mm down in Monterey.