January 14, 2005

Back from Oahu

Just back from trip to Oahu with my brother, and am busy working on my images. Traveled along North Shore, took some night shots in Waikiki, but by far my best shots came from Chinatown in Honolulu, which is an array of lei stands, noodle and dim sum factories, acupuncture and herbal medicine shops, and of course the historic Oahu Market.

This man was working at the Oahu Market. I was initially struck by the fish in the bucket with the sun hitting them at the angle, and then the man came up and started working. I loved the striking contrast of the earing and cigarette modern man constrasting with the old fish market environment.

I saw this old man as soon as I got to Chinatown and then he disappeared into one of the stalls. Later, I saw him again with his bags of groceries. He didn't speak english, but through signs, he agreed to let me take a whole series of photos of him - a very good sport!