January 04, 2005

Preppin for Photo Expedition

Am busy getting ready to head to Hawaii at the end of the week. Got some guidebooks and am looking at different options while on the island. I'll be there for such a short time that I'm going to have to hit my areas carefully and spend more time in a couple of areas. I've been working out some theme ideas, possibly looking at the dark and light contrasts of the place. All in my head right now...

In the meantime, here are a couple of pictures from a hike we took recently to Wilder Ranch, on the coast of Hwy 1 just north of Santa Cruz. The rain finally stopped just long enough for us to take a quick hike. The light and clouds were amazing. Had lots of fun playing with my wide-angle lense.

Dan was calling to me to get the birds, get the birds and I was focusing through my viewfinder. I almost missed this huge flock of gulls swooping past. There's a lesson about looking through the viewfinder or past and beyond it to the world.

The world reflected in puddle. Tried to get a feel of the sky and earth connected, with a huge sense of depth. f22 with wide angle lense on vertical. The original has a lot more foreground to it, and as I look at this I'm thinking that have maybe cropped too tight here.