December 31, 2004

Last Images of 2004

Dan and I raced down to Pleasure Point to catch the very last light. We're between storms, and the ocean was dark and ominous, the sky clouded but with incredible pinks and blues. Climbed down the sea wall to my new favorite spot to shoot. It started to rain again as soon as I got set up and my tripod was being lifted by the wind, threatening to fly into the ocean, so was a little distracted to say the least.

Am off to First Night Santa Cruz tonight to try and get some long exposure night shots/drunk partyers. We'll see how that goes... the photographer might be a little wobbly too. Until next year.

Wanted to try to capture some of the energy around the storm with jagged lines everywhere that match the craziness of the sky when pink becomes an ominous color because you know there's another storm right behind it.

My goal for this year is to get this one image of the surfers going into the water just RIGHT. Got the shot, better than last time, but still soft everywhere.