September 22, 2006

A Local Event: Santa Cruz Peace Lights

After a long hiatus away from the blog, I barely know where to backtrack to in terms of assignments to share. With all the recent work, it seems strange to focus on a personal project as recent as yesterday. Catch up with the recent present and the past will make itself clear?
At 9pm on Thurs Sept 21, five hundred giant flashlights were lighted along West Cliff Drive in Santa Cruz, and pointed to the sky in celebration of peace. In true Santa Cruz style, the town came out to party - thousands of families, couples, crews, and yep, lots of photographers descended along the 4 mile stretch to enjoy the spectacle. Lasting for about 30 minutes, the lights burned though the light fog in the area. The following images were taken using a fisheye lens, challenging reciprocity at 30 second + exposures.

West Cliff Before the Lights

Peace Lights on West Cliff Drive, Santa Cruz

Peace Lights Illuminate the Santa Cruz Surf Museum

Copyright 2006 Kimberley Bermender