July 28, 2005

Newest Exhibit: Ocean Creatures Their Totems

Between travel, intense cyanotype work and life, it looks like my blog slipped away. Or more appropriately, Kimberley left the building but has returned. Have been very busy preparing a series on Ocean Creatures and Our Totems, which opened last week at the Chill Out Cafe. Was in Hawaii for several weeks and got a lot of excellent material. Instead of the darkroom, where I expected to do most of my work, I seem to be moving toward the sun as my source and working with cyanotype more and more. What an experience. It takes patience in photography to a new level. When the print takes an hour to find out if it needs a burn here or a dodge there... Obviously not playing to my strengths but I do really enjoy them. I have three cyanotypes in the exhibit. Once over, will scan and share here. Was in such a rush to get my materials finalized, that I didn't even stop to get a shot of them.